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SL40 Self-Contained Battery Operated Door Announcer (2)
SL40 Self-Contained Battery Operated Door Announcer (1)

ADC-05 SL40 Self-Contained Battery Operated Door Announcer Motion Sensor


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Product Description

SL40 Self-Contained Battery Operated Door Announcer


The SL-40 is a self contained door announcer that is one of the easiest models to install. You’ll be alerted by the chime when customers walk past the sensor. Small offices and shop owners can benefit from this affordable, easy-to-install unit. Door announcers help employees control inventory and reliably service customers.


Features Include:

  • Powered by 9 Volt Battery
  • Long battery life circuit design
  • Fully automatic, no alignment required
  • Ceiling, above door, or side mounting
  • No wires, easy installation
  • Welcomes with a pleasant sounding chime
  • Prevents unannounced entry
  • Helps control theft
  • One-year warranty
  • Low cost

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